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As the world confronts COVID-19, businesses are trying to understand how they will recover. The best will be the ones to get back on plan quickly.

Here at Ducathen we can help by providing those additional electronics and firmware design resources to hit those aggressive timescales, to get new products on market, to grab the opportunity that arises as the world gets back on its feet.

This 'down time' could be a great time to steal a run and score points in the race to grow your business.

Be positive, we can turn a problem into a success.

We are here to help you

Our teams at Ducathen Limited specialise in business-to-business support of Electronics Design and firmware development. Because of our focus on the design we can cover a wide range of industry sectors including industrial, commercial, medical, sensing, and communications

That means we are used to solving new problems as well as the old

And, we are very capable and practiced in doing all this remotely, so coronavirus (COVID-19) won't stop us

Here are some of the many ways we can help:

Have we missed something? Not seeing quite what you need? Chances are we can help, and we don't mind you calling on the off chance.